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GestLab 1.2 - The ultimate Gestalt Manager tool (gest-lab-12.hqx)

Download gest-lab-12.hqx (624,890 KB)

From: Jean-Pierre Curcio
Subject: GestLab 1.2 - The ultimate Gestalt Manager tool

GestLab is a tool that allows you to check all Gestalt selectors posted by
Mac OS or by any other piece of software. It is also a database including
information about your system environment. You see not only some technical
infos but also understandable interpretation of most codes (in English).

GestLab main goal is to maintain the more exhaustive Gestalt selector
database. When using it, if your configuration is displaying info not yet in
the database (what it is very easy to realize, this info is displayed in
red), don't hesitate to send it to me: I'll analyse it and update the
database for the next release. Your collaboration is essential in this

GestLab 1.2 works only on Mac OS 8.6 or more. This version is able to
install automatically a new database downloaded from the author's Web site
(if Aladdin's StuffIt Engine is present).

With version 1.2 is included GestLabXCapt, a tool that allows to capture a
GestLab configuration under Mac OS X, and the database #12 that works with