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G4TimeDemo.032.sea - 3D demo for G4's and other Macs (g4-time-demo-032.hqx)

Download g4-time-demo-032.hqx (4,759,900 KB)

From: (David Rees)
Subject: G4TimeDemo.032.sea - 3D demo for G4's and other Macs

G4TimeDemo is a test application which allows you to see how fast your Mac
is at playing next generation 3D games. As far as we know, it's the first
publicly available application designed from the ground up for the G4 and
Velocity Engine, and includes leading edge character animation.

G4TimeDemo works on G4's, G3's, and other PowerMacs. When you run the
application it will draw 1000 frames of a 3D game world, and show you how
fast your machine is. You can then compare your results with those at or in the ProjectB pages.

Minimum system requirements:
- 200 MHz or faster Power Macintosh,
- 640x480 screen in thousands of colors,
- 24 Megabytes or more of free RAM,
- 15 Megabytes hard disk space,
- System 8.1 or later.
- 3D hardware card with at least 6 Megabytes of VRAM.

The test requires QD3D 1.5 or greater, DrawSprocket 1.1.4, and
SoundSprocket 1.0. All of these are available from the Apple web site.