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FindErrorLib v1.2 (find-error-lib-12.hqx)

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Subject: FindErrorLib v1.2

A Macintosh development and debugging tool. (Freeware)

FindErrorLib is a small Power Macintosh native shared library that can be
used by C and C++ developers to obtain, at run-time, the name and
description, if available, of any of 1,307 Macintosh error codes for
display in error alerts or dialogs.

Since the shared library can be "weak-linked" to the application, the
developer has the option of using it during development and, if so desired,
not including it with the final software release, with no code
modifications required to remove it.

Minor updates to the shared library can be performed by simply replacing it
in the System folder, with no need to recompile any application that uses

FindErrorLib v1.2 contains a code fragment that accesses an internal
compilation of information derived from the Apple Universal Headers files,
Universal Interfaces 3.1, and is current as of Mac OS 8.1.

The FindErrorLib v1.2.sit archive includes the shared library, sample code
for accessing it, and about 4 pages of detailed information regarding its
installation and use.

FindErrorLib v1.2 is offered as Freeware by its author, Fred Burnham, who
originally created it as a development and debugging tool for his own
software development projects.

Fred Burnham

Thu, May 28, 1998