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Editcard 1.2.0 (editcard.hqx)

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Subject: Editcard 1.2.0


* This is a stack that simulates information-card of 5x8 size or B6.
* With Hypertext function in it, you can create a mini database.
* With text editing functions,stack becomes word-processor like
* In spite of its simple outlook,it has many features which will
you that it is worth made public.
* With "Help card" in the body,you can solve questions concerning
this software easily.
* "About Hypercad" in it may help you who do not have "Hypercard
* This is an English version of "Kyodaicard" in Japan.
* You could write Japanese with Japanese system by choosing 'Osaka' at
the button 'System' in the 'Preference' card.
* For more information,read "Invitation to EditCard" in it first.
* System requirement: MacOS7.1 or later,Hypercard lite 2.2 or later.
* Palette items are alloted to funktion Keys.
* Making card title become more speedy by "Autotile".
new * added printing procedure of 5*3 inch card form.

Tomokazu Hanafusa