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e-20 4 Mac (e-20-4-mac.hqx)

Download e-20-4-mac.hqx (3,965,147 KB)

From: "Jack"
Subject: e-20 4 Mac

"e-20 4 Mac" is a pretty nice freeware given by Eventi Progetti Speciali,
which has been developing CdRoms in Director using Macintosh for years, and
is quite depressed because so many products with the "Made with Macromedia"
logo are actually only for Windows! This is quite sad because we know that
creating the Macintosh version is really easy!

So, we've decided to develop in Director this small "engine" which allows
Mac users to see most of the onlyWindows-CdRoms - as long as they are
created with Director (you can recognize them as they have the "Made with
Macromedia" logo somewhere, usually in the booklet).

I hope you find it usefull!!