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DocuMentor (documentor.hqx)

Download documentor.hqx (1,090,532 KB)

From: Terry Findlay
Subject: DocuMentor

DocuMentor is for creating online, illustrated, styled text documentation
for REALbasicĀ shareware applications. With the included DMDisplayWindow,
developers can easily display the documentation in their applications.

Use the DocuMentor application to create new documentation projects
(collections of topic documents and any cooresponding graphic files) or work
on previously created project topic documents. For each project create as
many topic documents as you wish (Introduction, Getting Started, Version
History, etc,). You can also include a graphic for any topic.

The DMDisplayWindow is used in your REALbasicĀ applications to display
documentation created with DocuMentor. To use DMDisplayWindow just drag it
onto your project window and add "" somewhere in your
code to bring it up.