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CRefDynGenStrArray (cref-dyn-gen-str-array.hqx)

Download cref-dyn-gen-str-array.hqx (60,413 KB)

From: macgurutemple
Subject: CRefDynGenStrArray

STL-vector-based dynamic array of generic strings. Supports storing
of Pascal&C style strings, STL strings and vector.

All strings are kept in single storage buffer, so even very large number
of items will not cause memory management overhead. Occupies StringLen[0]
+ ... StringLen[n - 1] + 2*n*sizeof(size_t). In other words,
CRefDynGenStrArray is really space efficient.

CRefDynGenStrArray maintains additional reference table of real indexes.
Thus, many functions will involve only operations with reference table.
For example, Insert() actually appends item (what is much faster) and
inserts only entry into reference table; Swap(), Move() and sort will
cause changes only in reference table.

Refer to for more info.