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Abstract for CodePerfect 2.0 (uploaded to (codeperfect-20.hqx)

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From: Nikita Zhuk
Subject: Abstract for CodePerfect 2.0 (uploaded to

CodePerfect (formerly known as CodeWizard) is a powerful, easy-to-use
tool, which converts and lists many types of codes needed in
programming, web design and other forms of use of the Mac OS
computing environment. While CodePerfect uses advanced conversion
routines, the use of the program is very simple. All you need to do
to convert a value to another is to click on the right conversion tab
and you're ready to go. You can also combine the value searches by
using MultiSearch. CodePerfect also converts text files from Mac
format to Windows and vise versa

The user interface (UI) in CodePerfect is very self-explanatory.
Application consist of only one window, where all functions are
performed. The needed feature is chosen from 7 tabs. The last tab
(MultiSearch) combines all CodePerfect's conversion methods in one
function, but it's easier to use specific methods if you need only
one type of conversion, because then you can build a list of several
conversions (for example Hex code to character).