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clut-maker-17.hqx (clut-maker-17.hqx)

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Subject: clut-maker-17.hqx

CLUT Maker is an editor for the 8-bit 'clut' resource.
The 'clut' is Apple's 'Color Look Up Table' and is used generally in
graphics environment. For example, the palette animation is done by
rotating color entries in the CLUT attached to some image. CLUT Maker
shows not only the color table, but also color components in some color
models: HSV, HSL, CMY, and RGB.
As CLUT Maker supports importing and exporting of Photoshop's 'CLUT',
you can use this application just as an clut converter.
It also supports 8-bit CLUT of NIH Image, MPW Rez, and TEXT.
CLUT Maker can retrieve the color info from a PICT using color-picking
CLUT Maker is for you: developers and creators.