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blableu121.hqx (black-and-bleu-121.hqx)

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From: GC Rice
Subject: blableu121.hqx

Black and Bleu(tm) is an application that lists 3,340 Macintosh OS error codes with Apple's cryptic explanation included. Detailed explanations and suggestions are included for what you can do about many of these errors. This is the most comprehensive list of Mac OS errors currently available anywhere.

Some features of the current version of Black & Bleu (v1.2.1) are:

* Error code listing by group, by number and by name.
* Distinguish between error names with the same number.
* Search the error database for words, phrases or numbers.
* Sad Mac codes and explanations.
* Free analysis of errors that don't have a detailed explanation.
* Simple to use interface.
* Free demo; unlimited use electronic version $34.00 (USD); CDROM version,
$46.00 (USD)including shipping charges & applicable taxes. 1.2.1 is a
free upgrade for v1.2 customers.

The Non-technical User explanation is presented in a way that someone without a programming background can understand. The Programmer explanation is written in VERY technical terms that usually includes source code that demonstrates the error. To fully understand the Programmer explanation, the user should be familiar with Macintosh programming (in C or C++).

System Requirements
Any Mac or clone
Mac OS 7.0 or later
4.4 MB of disk space
1.5 MB of RAM

Black & Bleu(tm), and our other products Cap'n Midnight's VCR+, and TCalc are available from our web site at: as free fully functioning demos. These demos can be launched for a limited number of times before they expire. Otherwise, each is an exact copy of the commercial version. In fact, if you purchase the license key and apply it to your demo copy, the demo is converted directly into the commercial version.

Download size
Black & Bleu(tm) 1 MB (about 6 minutes at 28000 baud)

All explanations are in English.

About Bleu Rose Ltd.
Based in Hacienda Heights, California, Bleu Rose Ltd. develops and supports products to help people use their Macintosh in better ways. For further information or to purchase software, visit the Bleu Rose Ltd. web site at Bleu Rose Ltd. is a privately held company.

Copyright 1999, Bleu Rose Ltd. All rights reserved. Bleu Rose, the Bleu Rose logos, Black & Bleu(tm), Cap'n Midnight's VCR+ and TCalc are trademarks of Bleu Rose Ltd. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.