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asynckeys press release (async-keys-11.hqx)

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From: Pecetta
Subject: asynckeys press release

Version 1.1 of Febraury 2001 © by Stefano Ghielmi &
Stéphane Madrau

What is AsyncKeys! ?
'AsyncKeys!' mean: 'Asynchronous keyboard reading',
that is when the computer reads the status of the key
pressed on the keyboard without waiting for them to
generate a keyDown event. AsyncKeys is a little
utility that shows you the exact keyboard reference
number and its ASCII equivalent to a keystroke or key
combination you can press.Note that if you change the
layout of your keyboard (I.E. from US keyboard to
French keyboard) some ASCII character changes but its
keyboard reference number doesn't.
AsyncKeys! contains the concept of the code of
SpeedApp INIT and SwitchRes Extension. It just comes
out from a simple discussion in between me and
Stéphane Madrau, and it have been created just for fun
and for to be a little utility for programmers and for
to satisfy some curiosity of everyday people when
using a compter, it is our free tribute for to teach
and explain something to Macintosh users.

System Requirements:
AsyncKeys! have been tested on a Powermac with Mac os
7.6 and higher installed, actually it is at its first
release and no incompatibilities are known, AsyncKeys!
may work on 68k computers too, but we haven't tested.

- Press any key on your keyboard and see what result
is given.
- Modification key are Option, Shift and Control keys.
- The layout character you see is exactly the one
given in the Key Caps Apple menuItem.
- F1 to F4, Caps lock, Command, on/off key, and the
volume/eject CD (in the new USB extended keyboard)
keys, aren't showed
because those keys are used by the System.

This software is Freeware and it is released "as is"
then no support is provided and no reference for it
too. Use it at your own risk. This software just reads
keyboard events, we refuse all liabilities about
damagements or malfunctions.
You can copy it, send it to a friend, put it on a CD,
etc. Just don’t modify it and alwais include in its
package all the files you find in its folder after the
download from its web site.

What's new in version 1.1:
Added two fields for to show the hexadeciamal value of
the integers keynumber and ASCII references numbers.
Added a new field which tells you if the pressed key
one choosed from the numeric pad.