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Aquatint.dmg.gz 1.1 (aquatint-11.hqx)

Download aquatint-11.hqx (378,743 KB)

From: Ben Haller
Subject: Aquatint.dmg.gz 1.1

Aquatint gives you the ability to make glossy, "liquid" icons, buttons
and logos more easily than you ever imagined possible. Just make a
black and white silhouette, or "stencil", of your desired image, and
Aquatint will do the rest! No artistic ability required! Aquatint can
also make a wide variety of other looks, all based on the same simple

New in version 1.1:

Vastly simplified stencil creation
Added numeric fields for sliders, to allow input of exact values
Added (optional) online version check code
Added Preferences panel
Added lots of configurable display parameters for easier workflow
Added ability to save the final image on a black or white background
Streamlined UI for more trouble-free operation
Fixed issue with high-DPI stencil images

Aquatint's home page:
Stick Software's home page:
Stick Software email:

Aquatint may be included on CD-ROMs.
This is version 1.1 of Aquatint.

Ben Haller
Stick Software