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3D-Box (3d-box.hqx)

Download 3d-box.hqx (230,242 KB)

Subject: 3D-Box


* Requirements:
MacOS 7.55 and up, (8.0 and before also need the Appearance manager; info
at the website)

* Description:

3DBox is an application that creates boxes in OBJ format and matching
texture map templates as PICTs. You give the heigth, width and length of
the box and decide in which resolution you would like to get the texture
The created models can be used in any 3D program that supports OBJ import
and parametric mapping of textures.
3DBox provides the option to leave gaps at certain edges in the texture
map, so you can create completely different designs for the different sides
of your box without getting the usual inaccuracies at the edges of the box.

* Further notices:

3D-Box may be included in commercially available CD-ROM of the archives.